Essay on Drawing | Why I Love Drawing Essay For Students

Drawing is the process of using a pencil, pen or other drawing instrument to make marks on paper. It’s an art form that has been around for centuries and has always held great importance in society. The word “draw” comes from the Old English verb “dragan,” which means “to carry.” Its Latin root, “trahere,” means “to pull” or “to draw.” Drawing is about translating an idea into a visual format, often with time taken to explore different ways of making marks on paper until one feels right.

Read the following short & long essay on drawing that discusses brief history, meaning, importance and benefits of drawing. This essay is quite helpful for children & students for school exam, assignments, competitions etc.

Essay on Drawing | Short & Long Essay For Children & Students

Drawing is a technique to represent and communicate ideas or concepts by making lines on a flat surface. Drawing is often used to express one’s creativity and imagination (i.e., art practice), and also became an effective communication tool for technical purposes such as the production of various illustrations, blueprints and maps (technical drawing).Essay on drawing

Drawings are made with different kinds of tools and techniques, such as the ballpoint pen or pencil. There are a lot drawing instruments in the world which can help people draw what they want.

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Brief history of Drawing

Drawing is the technique of applying mark-making material to a surface. It’s one of those skills that we take for granted in this digital age, and yet it’s a skill that has been practiced in one form or another by every culture throughout history, whether on cave walls, parchments, animal skin or paper.

The history of drawing is the visceral history of human culture; it’s the way we’ve defined ourselves as people, telling stories, recording our surroundings and communicating our ideas.

Drawing is Easy

To draw is to put down lines, textures or colors that describe figures, forms and shapes. The act of drawing can be practiced by anyone; it does not require specialized tools beyond a piece of paper and writing utensils (e.g., pencils). Some people practice drawing as an art form (i.e., visual arts), or in a general manner as required by functional needs (e.g., quick sketches, architectural drawings).

My Hobby Drawing

People who love to do a drawing as their hobby, they will choose some kind of art that the most fit with their favorite style. For example: people who love to do a sketching will buy some good quality pencils and paper together with a nice sketchbook so that they can draw anytime and anywhere they want. However, many of them will choose to go to a bigger space where there is a good lighting and a big table so that they can easily sketch on their project.

People who love to do some painting will have some brushes, oil paint and canvas ready at home. When they feel boring or when they want to express something, they will bring all the art materials out and start their project.

Drawing vs Art

Drawing is a form of art where you use a pencil or a marker to create an image on paper. This can include sketching, doodles, cartoons, portraits or more complicated images that are finely detailed. If the image is on paper and you used some type of writing utensil to create it, then it’s a drawing!

Why people enjoy drawing?

Drawing is a great way to relax and de-stress. Also, drawings look beautiful on your bedroom or living room walls. No matter the age, there is always something new to learn about drawing. It could be learning to draw realistic eyes or learning different shading techniques. It is a great exercise for keeping the brain agile. As you continue to draw, especially if you are drawing objects that are unfamiliar to you, you are engaging the part of your brain that is responsible for problem solving

Drawing for children

Drawing drawing is not only child’s play, but also an important tool for his intellectual and creative development, as well as a means of expression.. Most parents believe that drawing is an act of scribbling, so they do not pay attention to this, that is a big mistake! Drawing – it’s not just scribbling. This is something more than that. To draw means to show imagination, fantasy and memories. Drawing is a means of expression for children (and adults). And it is the best way to develop fine motor skills, this is very important. When you draw, you move your hands and fingers, make shapes with your hands. This is the best way to work out.

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Today we have entered into the computer age. The field of drawing has also been profoundly impacted by drawing. There are a lot of drawing software in the world – but few people can draw artwork by using them. Some of them say “Drawing is simple” but if you are not professional, it is difficult to become familiar with the software. The fact that drawing by using these software has many rules which you need to know.

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