Essay on Advertisement | Types & Purpose of Advertisement

Advertising is everywhere. It’s on television, in magazines, online and even on the side of buses. Advertising has become an important part of our culture- it tells us what to buy, where to go (or not), who should be president and even how we feel about ourselves. Yet there are few studies that explore how advertising affects us psychologically or examine its long term effects on society as a whole. What does this mean for all those people who have been bombarded with advertisements since they were children? We’re going to find out!

Essay on Advertisement | Types, Purpose of Advertisement Essay for Students

An ad is a commercial message designed to market or promote a product, service or idea. Advertising is a way of life. It runs through our daily lives, from the moment we wake up until the second we go to sleep. Over time, companies have perfected the art of advertising and used it to their advantage. In order for one to get a clear understanding of advertisements, they must understand how advertising works and what it’s purpose is.

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Advertising can be found almost everywhere we look; it’s done through various forms such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, social media and even online games. The purpose of advertising is to get the attention of consumers in order to sell products or brand by developing awareness about it

Advertising has been around for many years. The first advertisement was published in 1704 in the form of a picture. It was for beer and was published in a newspaper.

Types of Advertising

Advertising has a huge influence on today’s society. It influences the economy, the way people view certain things, what products are being sought after during that time period, which companies or brands become the most successful, and even the way people dress. There are various forms of advertisements including billboards, TV commercials, print ads, radio spots, etc.

Outdoor and radio ads are two of the major forms that many people see. They can be seen almost everywhere we go; they’re plastered on billboards, placed in magazines and newspapers, etc. They influence us all but not always in a positive way; we sometimes end up hating certain products as much as we love it.

Outdoor and TV commercials are the two most effective types of ads as they have a huge influence on us as human beings. Many companies will always choose these two options because they know that their audience is out there and most likely to come across their product. They also influence us greatly to buy their products or services.

Advertising can teach us about the present economic situation, the way society views certain things and how people dress. We can also learn a lot about the technology being used during that time.

The benefit is that it informs customers about new products, brands and services on offer in the market. This way, they receive the information in time so they can be aware of what products are available for them to buy or try out.

Advertising influences us in many ways. Companies know that most of the time adults go around with their iPods or MP3 players so they advertise in order to persuade us into buying the latest version of their product. They also use different methods such as shock value to make sure that their product or brand is in everyone’s mind.

People believe in the ads they see because they are heavily influenced by the picture or words that are being portrayed. Media, especially advertisements, have a huge role to play in our lives today. It plays a very important part in our lives and we can’t always see that. We’re constantly being persuaded into buying certain products or services because of ads.

The economy is greatly influenced by advertisements because it gives big companies the opportunity to expand their business and reach out to more consumers. They have the power to influence large groups of people, which affects our economy greatly because it influences what products are being bought and what services are being used. Adverts can have a negative impact on people especially young kids because they tend to imitate what is being portrayed in the ad. This can be negative because it’s not always good for them.

An advertisement has to be noticed, understood correctly and remembered for it to be successful. Without these three things, the advert does not work. The factors that ensure the success of an advertisement are a few including;  audience, location and timing all play a role in making sure that an advertisement works properly.

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Conclusion paragraph: Advertising is a powerful force in our society. It impacts everything from the products we buy to how we feel about ourselves and others around us. As advertisers start to take into account cognitive neuroscience, it will be even more important for consumers (and policymakers) to know what they’re looking at and why. If you want help understanding this fascinating field of study, contact The Company X today!

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