Essential Tips for Creating Compelling Essays

Are you a student in high school who just got the assignment to write an essay? If yes, buckle up your seat belt and prepare to write a compelling essay.

Essay writing is a critical but hectic task, especially in the educational niche. Some students can write the essay but need to add an engaging factor. Undoubtedly, it can be time-consuming but not a difficult task as long as you are going the right way.

It is vital to understand the critical factors before writing your essay, and once you understand them, you can write the essay quite easily. And for now, you just need some valuable tips to add engaging and compelling factors to your essay.

So, let’s dive deep into it.

What are the Common Types of Essays?

After having a brief introduction of essays, it’s time to understand different types of essays and how they are different from one another:

  • Descriptive Essay
  • Expository Essay
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Narrative Essay

Starting from the top, descriptive essays are written to tell the readers about the description of places, people, or experiences. Expository essays are assigned to students to investigate an idea and give their opinions.

Similarly, augmentative essays are meant to give opinions based on the writer’s research. Last but not least, narrative essays use creative language to engage their readers, and these essays are written to present a narrative.

Now, let’s see how all these types of essays can be written correctly.

Notable Tips to Write a Compelling Essay

Essay writing is not difficult, just in case you are going the right way. If you are following the proper guidelines and fulfilling all the requirements of essays, then you are going to end up with an impressive and compelling essay.

Otherwise, you’ll fail to add value to them. So, let’s see how we can write a good essay.

1. Structure it Properly

When it comes to adding the structure of the essay, we need to focus on every aspect. The good approach is to divide the essay into portions and then write. Here are the three main portions of an essay:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Now, let’s understand how we can structure each section!

Starting with the introduction, you need first to introduce your essay in the following order:

  • The general context of the topic.
  • The argument you are going to present.
  • The roadmap of how you are going to explain your argument and opinions in your essay.

If you want to grab the eyes of your readers throughout the essay, you first need to write your introduction as well as you can. It is only possible if you follow the order mentioned above.

Now, let’s move to the body of your essay. In the body of the essay, you need to justify your argument by giving your opinions, providing your research, and writing the body section in paragraphs. You need to write each paragraph with one main idea that will support your argument.

In the end, you need to write the conclusion portion! In the conclusion part of your essay, don’t write anything new; just wrap all the ideas presented throughout the essay. We recommend adding a question before writing the conclusion, as it will grab the readers’ attention. You can add the following things in your conclusion:

  • Summary of the essay
  • Key points present in the essay
  • Explanation of why your argument matters

2. Use Engaging Vocabulary

Engagement is very important if you want the readers to explore your essay from top to bottom, and you have to put your limitless efforts into making your essays engaging.

How can I do that?

It is straightforward; all you need to do is, be selective in your word choice. You need to explore your word bank and pick the right and modern words for your essays. Let’s understand this with an example.

For example, you are writing an essay about something and have used the term “Very bad.” Look how ordinary it seems as anyone can write this term, but as a writer, you need to add some spice to it. So, you can use the term “Awful” instead of that boring and ordinary term. Similarly, as many words are outdated now, there’s a need to replace them.

Sometimes, you may feel like your essay is not that engaging, or you may feel that the reader will get bored while exploring, so you can simply use a paraphrasing tool. This tool has a vast database filled with modern vocabulary. You need to input the final draft into this tool, and you’ll get a more refined and impressive essay within seconds.

3. Write in Your Own Words

As we have mentioned above, an essay is all about the opinions and research of the writer, so it is very important to be yourself. Write whatever your views are but don’t copy someone’s opinions.

If you copy something, a couple of things will happen!

Your audience will get bored of reading the same opinions again and again like they’ll not find anything fresh or new. And the second thing is you’ll get plagiarism in your essay. Whether you are writing an essay for your college, scholarship, or whatever, copy-pasting is not a good option.

But sometimes, you’ll also get some traces of plagiarism accidentally, so the only solution to this problem is getting your hands on a plagiarism checker. This tool will highlight the percentage of plagiarism in your essay. Just check your essay through a plagiarism checker free, ensure uniqueness and be safe from accidental plagiarism.

So, getting back to the point!

Writing in your own words will also give you confidence and motivate you to write many essays further.

4. Give Strong Evidence

Engagement is one of many things necessary in an essay, as you also need to convince your readers of your opinions or views. If you are writing accurate information, you must tell your audience that you have written it correctly.

What does it mean?

It means if you are writing about anything, you need to give strong evidence. For example, you have claimed that “The population of the United States is 331.9 Million in 2021”, so you need to reference a reliable source.

Regarding this, you may quote any statement written on the official website of the United States or a column from a reliable newspaper of the country. So, you can easily add evidence as in-text citations or make a reference list at the end of your essay.


Creating compelling essays can be a fun but hectic task at the same time! If you know what to consider and what to avoid, you can get compelling essays. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time and never get reliable results. While considering this fact, we have mentioned some notable tips that will help you through the journey of writing essays, so have a keen look at them and get the draft beyond your imagination.

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