Essay on Wild Animals | Tips for Wild Life Conservation

This essay talks about few most common wild animals, their characteristics, and their role in nature and in our universe. Wild Animals are one of the most important creations of Mother Nature. They play a very vital role in maintaining the ecological balance in nature. Besides being a source of food for other animals, they help in keeping the environment clean by controlling the population of smaller animals and spreading seeds. Some wild animals are also kept as pets by humans.

Essay on Wild Animals | Wild Life Conservation Essay

There are different types of wild animals found in different parts of the world. The most common ones are tigers, lions, elephants, bears, monkeys, deer, and crocodiles. All these animals have unique features and habits.

Tigers are the largest among all the cats and are very good swimmers too. They mostly inhabit dense forests and mangroves. They are carnivorous animals and prefer to live alone.

Lions are the second largest cats and they live in prides. The pride consists of one male lion, several females, and their cubs. They are also good swimmers but not as good as tigers. Like tigers, they are also carnivores.

Essay on wild animals

Elephants are the largest land animals. They weigh about two hundred sixty to two thousand pounds and their height is about seven and a half feet tall at the shoulder. They live in herds of ten to thirty elephants and they eat mostly plants.

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Bears are also very large animals. There are three types of bears – the Grizzly bear, the black bear, and the Polar bear. The Polar bear is the largest among all three. They weigh about three hundred sixty to one thousand four hundred pounds. All bears are good swimmers. Bears are omnivorous animals and they mostly eat plants.

Monkeys are small to medium sized primates. There are about two hundred fifty species of monkeys. They are found in Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. Monkeys are very intelligent animals and they are known to use tools for various purposes.

Deer are four-legged grazing animals. There are about sixty species of deer. Deer have a good sense of smell and hearing. They are found in Asia, Europe, North America, and South Africa.

Crocodiles are large reptiles that live in freshwater rivers and lakes. There are about fourteen species of crocodiles. They can grow up to seventeen feet long and they weigh about two thousand pounds. Crocodiles are carnivorous animals and they mostly eat fish.

Wild life Conservation

The increase in population and the ever-growing demand for natural resources have led to the destruction of forests and the hunting of wild animals. This has created a need for their conservation. The various measures that have been taken up for the conservation of wild animals are as follows:

1. Creation of national parks and sanctuaries: National parks and sanctuaries are created for the protection of wild animals. These are places where hunting is not allowed and strict measures are taken to ensure the safety of the animals.

2. Regulation of hunting: Hunting of wild animals is regulated by law. This ensures that only a certain number of animals are killed every year and that too only for the purpose of food and self-defense.

3. Education: People are made aware of the importance of wild animals through education. This creates a sense of responsibility among them towards the conservation of these animals.

4. Research: Studies are conducted to learn more about the behavior and habits of wild animals. This helps in finding out better ways to conserve them.

5. International cooperation: Various international organizations are working towards the conservation of wild animals. They provide financial and technical support for the same.

Wildlife conservation is a very important issue and it is necessary to take measures for their protection. Only then will we be able to enjoy the beauty and diversity of these animals for years to come.

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Wildlife is an important part of our ecosystem. They play a vital role in the balance of nature. However, the ever-growing human population and their demand for natural resources have led to the destruction of forests and the hunting of wild animals. This has created a need for their conservation. Various measures have been taken up for the conservation of wild animals like the creation of national parks and sanctuaries, regulation of hunting, education, research, and international cooperation. Only by taking such measures will we be able to ensure the survival of these animals.

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