Essay on Street Beggars | Short Essay on Street Beggars for Students

One of the dangerous social issue of today is street begging. Beggary has become a profession where the leagues of professional beggars are seen here and there!. The following short Essay on Street beggars explains the issues and  ills of street begging, causes and remedial measures for street beggary

Essay on Street Beggars | Street Beggars & their Issues Essay for Students

Begging is a cause of concern for society. While beggars are usually found at the traffic signals, in front of the temples and other such places some of them also roam around from street to street to beg for alms, money and food. These are the worst kind of beggars as they intrude on the residential areas and disrupt peace.

Street Beggars: Despised by Residents

Street beggars usually have particular areas assigned to them. They visit these areas from time to time to beg for a living. These beggars are dressed in rags and carry a shabby bag on their shoulder. Women are usually seen carrying a small child in their arms which is a tactic to invoke pity. Small kids in torn clothes also go around from street to street begging for food, clothes and money.

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Some elderly men are seen dressed as saints carrying a bowl in one hand and a stick in another as they go begging from street to street. They mostly move in groups singing religious songs and pleading for food and money. Many a times, such beggars ring the door bells of the residents and ask them to help them monetarily. This is quite annoying as it hampers the privacy of the people. They often narrate their sad stories to the residents who help them out of pity.

It is very difficult to figure out whether the story being told by these beggars is genuine or fake. Such people start out with begging and often go on and get involved in crimes such as theft, robbery and even murder. Street beggars are more likely to get involved in such bigger crimes. Since they get to know about the whereabouts and the financial status of the residents of the areas they visit frequently it is easier for them to carry out thefts and robbery.

In places such as Delhi, where the weather conditions are extreme, the life of beggars is the worst. They have to face the adverse effects of heat and cold. Things get even worse during the rainy season. Beggars suffer from illnesses caused due to exposure to extreme weather. The news of beggars living on the footpath dying due to heat wave, cold and heavy rainfall is quite common. They certainly lead a very difficult life

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Begging is one of the major issues in our society. The government must take stringent steps to stop the same. In addition to that, the wholesome community level steps be taken to control or stop the beggary at community level. This all is possible only with concrete government steps only.

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