Essay on Feudalism [ Causes & Way Forward ]

This essay talks about Meaning and concept of Feudalism, Why feudalism is hurdle in the progress of India, Way forward. This essay is written in simple English and easy to understand words for children and students.

Essay on Feudalism | Meaning, Concept, Causes & Solution

Feudalism is a system in which people are divided into classes, with a few people having all the power and money and most people having none. The feudal system was used in medieval Europe, Japan, and China. Under feudalism, everyone had a specific place in society and knew what their duties were.

Feudalism; Meaning and concept:

The word ‘feudalism’ comes from the Latin term ‘feudum’, meaning a fief or estate. In its simplest form, feudalism was a way of organizing society into a hierarchy in which people were arranged into a pyramid-like structure according to their wealth and power. The lowest rung of the pyramid was occupied by the peasants or serfs, who worked the land owned by the nobles or knights at the top. In return for their military service, the nobles were granted a portion of the peasants’ produce.

Speech on Feudalism

Why feudalism is hurdle in the progress of India:

Feudalism was first introduced into India by the Muslim invaders who came from Central Asia in the 12th century. The Muslim rulers set up a feudal system in order to better control the vast territory they had conquered. Under the feudal system, the land was owned by the king but was leased out to nobles or knights who were given power over a certain area. In return for their military service, these nobles were given a portion of the peasants’ produce.

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The feudal system had a negative impact on Indian society and hindered the country’s progress in several ways. Firstly, it led to the decline of the central authority of the king as the nobles became more powerful. Secondly, it created a lot of social inequality as the peasants were treated very unfairly. Finally, it caused economic problems as the peasants had to give a large portion of their produce to the nobles.

Way forward:

Fortunately, the feudal system did not last long in India and was eventually replaced by a more centralized form of government. However, the legacy of feudalism can still be seen in some parts of Indian society where people are still unequal. In order to create a more just and equitable society, it is important to address the legacy of feudalism.

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