Essay on Stress in Life | Causes & Effects of Stress

Stress is the natural response to the unforeseen and challenging life events of everyday. The Stress is uncontrollable and typically unavoidable in these days of intense competition and struggles. Read the following Essay on Stress in Life, Causes and Effects of Stress in Life with points and detailed discussion. This Essay is very helpful for children and students for every class

Essay on Stress in Life | Causes of Stress in Students & its Impacts on Life

Nowadays due to increasing competition in life and highest parental expectations from students, the level of stress is increasing. There a great causes behind leading to multiple effects on the life of as student. Stress in students life can be defined as the continuous feeling of nervousness, anxious and fear. It is the emotional and physical pressure which a person experiences in uncertain situations.

Essay on stress in student's life

Causes of Stress in Students life

There are many causes of stress in students life. Some of the main causes are :-

1) Peer Pressure:- In today’s scenario, every student wants to be popular and accepted by friends. They want to dress like them, talk like them and behave like them. This peer pressure creates stress among students.

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2) Competition:- Nowadays, the competition is increasing day by day whether it is in studies, sports or any other field. The cut-throat competition among students leads to stress.

3) Academic Pressure:- The academic pressure is one of the main causes of stress in students life. The parents and teachers expect a lot from the students. They want them to get good grades, which put pressure on students.

4) Financial Problems:- Financial problems are also one of the major causes of stress in students life. The students who come from a financially weak family have to face a lot of problems. They have to manage their studies and expenses both, which leads to stress.

5) Relationship Problems:- The relationship problems are also one of the main causes of stress in students life. The students often face problems in their relationships with friends, family members or partners. This leads to stress.

Effects of stress on students life:

The stress has various negative effects on the life of students. Some of the main effects are:-

1) Depression:- The stress often leads to depression among students. They feel sad, hopeless and helpless. This affects their studies and performance.

2) Anxiety:- The anxiety is another negative effect of stress. The students feel anxious and worried all the time. This affects their concentration and focus.

3) Poor Health:- The stress often leads to poor health among students. They suffer from different health problems like headache, stomachache, fatigue etc.

4) Low Self-Esteem:- The stress often lowers the self-esteem of students. They feel unworthy and incompetent. This reduces their confidence level.

5) Eating Disorders:- The stress often leads to eating disorders among students. They start to eat less or more than required, which affects their health.

6) Alcohol and Drug Abuse:- The stress often leads to alcohol and drug abuse among students. They start taking drugs and alcohol to cope up with the stress, which affects their health in a negative way.

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Stress is a major problem in the life of students. It has various causes and effects on their life. The students should try to overcome the stress by doing yoga, meditation or any other activity which makes them feel relaxed.

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