Essay on Books are Our Best Friends | Types & Impacts of Books

Books are like our very good friends. They never make us angry, they always give us company when we need them. Books teach us many things; they are there to guide us. You can’t live without nature, you can’t live without books. If nature is the first love of man,  books are the second love. We live with them, we feel happy when we read them. Books are our very good friends indeed.

Essay on Books are the Best Friends

Books are our best friends. they never fail us in time of need, they accompany us everywhere we ever go, and they can come to a person’s rescue in almost any situation.  The most satisfying feeling in the world is picking up a book and reading it like nothing else matters.

Essay on Books are Best Friends

Types of Books

There are many types of books. From the ones that help the reader gain knowledge in their field of study, to books that tell different short stories, and even books with pictures! Books are good for entertainment too. They can be used as a way to pass time! For example when someone does not like doing homework, they could read an interesting book instead! And of course books are better for this because they do not require the reader to be dealing with complicated formulas, or doing any sort of math.

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How books are Our Best Friend?

Books are indeed the true friends of ours. They are guide, teacher, mentors etc. Following are main points that illustrate how books can be the best friends;

  1. Books are always at hand – It is true that books are available everywhere even in the most remote place you go to. From your study table to your bed, from your computer desk to your backpack, books are there wherever you go who accompany with you wherever you are anytime. No matter what time of day or night it is, a book is there to help you.
  2. Books are always with us – It means that books are with us whether we are sitting on the bus or on a plane, whether we are having our meals or not, whether it is raining outside or if sun is shining brightly on earth. Without any notice, books come to rescue when you need them the most.
  3. Books are not choosy – They will be present for you whether you are healthy or not, whether you are sad or happy, whether you are friendly to them or not. Without taking your wish into consideration, they will give their best to entertain and instruct you no matter what the conditions are.
  4. Being a good friend, books are always ready to help – Books are not only there for you when you need them but also they provide their services just because of the fact that they love you. They do not expect anything in return. The best thing about them is that unlike any other friend, all they demand is your attention.
  5. Books bring happiness – Reading books does not only help you learn and gain knowledge but also it increases your imagination power, sharpens your mind and high-ups your thinking process. It makes you think out of the box and be original in your ideas which helps you to write with confidence and zeal. Whether it is a fiction novel or a story book or any shory book, reading them always gives you the sense of happiness and relieve.
  6. A good friend at all times – Books are your best friends because they are with you in every happy moment as well as in every sad moment. They do not run away from you when things are going fine but also they remain with you even when trouble strikes around.
  7. Books don’t have mood swings – Nowadays, people have mood swings and they get angry at the smallest of things. But the good thing about books is that they don’t let you down when you need them most because they are always in perfect mood to entertain and guide you despite what kind of a situation arises around.
  8. Books are an unending source of learning – Books contain knowledge that has been gained by various people over the centuries. They help us to gain new information, experience and skills. We can learn so many things from books for example how to cook, how to play instruments etc.
  9. Books open up you mind – Reading books takes away your boredom and provides you with immense joy and happiness. It entertains you and excites your mind so that it can feel free to explore the knowledge, ideas and information.
  10. Books are an educational wealth – Books prove to be a great source of learning, especially for students because they help them gain knowledge easily and effortlessly. Students can learn things more quickly and efficiently by reading any educational material.
  11. Books make you happy – Reading books fills your heart with joy and pleasure which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. You can enjoy reading them in your free time as it helps take our mind off the daily stress we face in life.
  12. Books help increase imagination power – Imagination is very important in different fields of life. It helps us to think out of the box and be original in our ideas, thoughts and opinions which boosts confidence in us. By reading books or by watching movies, we can increase our imagination power.
  13. Books make you wise – Books are an unending source of wisdom because they help people become more intelligent. They hold all the answers to every question, so they are also called as the true best friend.
  14. Books awaken your conscious mind – Reading books not only increases your knowledge but it awakens you conscious mind which makes you feel more responsible for yourself and others around you. You can solve problems easily by reading more educational material or by writing the things that you have learned.
  15. Books can be useful in many ways – Not only books entertain us and help us learn new things but they can also help us to become more efficient, responsive and productive as a student. By reading any educational material on a regular basis, we not only enhance our comprehension skills, information storage skills and imagination.

Impacts of Modern Technology on book Reading

Digital technology has not only changed the way we read books but it has also replaced them to a great extent. Nowadays, people prefer reading books on a digital device such as a tablet or a laptop. Though this method has many benefits, it has a negative impact on the way we read any educational material. Moreover, we can access books more easily and efficiently than before because digital devices let us read any book on the internet and listen to audiobooks. So, this trend has impacted our reading skill to a great extent.

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As you can see, reading books not only entertains us but it also helps us meet different people and has many other positive impacts on our life. So, we should take out some time from our busy schedule to read books and enhance our skills.

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