Essay on a House on Fire-Destruction Caused by Fire

Fire is a tool, if went wrong, causes destruction and obliteration. When a house is controlled by fire, we say ashes after it. The fire reduces everything into ashes within no time. That’s why It’s always fearful to play with fire. The following Essay on Fire talks about fire, its power and an event of a house who caught fire. This sample essay is very helpful for children and students in school exams and written tests.

Essay on Fire – a House on Fire Essay For Students

Fire to a house is worst catastrophe one can witness to. It eats out everything that comes in its way. It is a great danger to the life and property. A house on fire creates a scene of horror. The firemen who come to extinguish it put their lives in danger.

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An Event of a House on Fire:

I can vividly remember the horrified moments when a house in my neighbor caught fire. It was a summer afternoon and I was playing cricket with my friends in the street. We suddenly heard a loud noise and saw huge flames coming out of the windows of the house. Within minutes, the whole house was engulfed in fire.

The firemen who came to extinguish it put their lives in danger. They had to climb up ladders to reach the roof of the burning house. The heat was so intense that it was difficult to stand near the house. The firefighters managed to bring the fire under control after a few hours, but not before the house had been completely gutted.

The experience was very frightening. I could see the anguish on the faces of the people who lived in the house. It was a traumatic experience for them. They had lost all their belongings in the fire.

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A house on fire is a very dangerous event. It can cause loss of life and property. The firefighters who come to extinguish it put their lives in danger. It is important to be careful when there is a fire in a house.

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